We produce documentaries, dramas, television commercials, corporate videos, marketing programs.

Seasoned male and female actors share an engaging laugh together.
close up of laboratory scientist using eye dropper to fill small container.
Screen grab from a video production as 4 engineers examine an oil reserve blueprint.
Head and shoulders of man standing in front of office buildings in Calgary

We have expertise in story development, scripting, cast and crew selection, location scouting, directing and shooting, picture and sound editing, graphic and music design.

Young girl helps to hold up clapboard for marketing video
close up of hands filming an indoor concert with a cell phone for video production
silhouette of women shaking hands in front of large office window at sunset used in our video marketing
Close up of wine glasses being toasted at a party on the Royal Canadian Pacific train captured by our videographer and photographer.

We design all aspects of the production.

Image from video editing the marketing video "Exciting Times at CP".
Boeing 747 taxiing on tarmac is a freeze frame from a video production for Cole International
Architect reading blueprints at sunset with many construction cranes in the background. This is also a frame we used while video editing the marketing production.
Aerial view of 2 semi trucks hauling 2 huge oilfield containers. Screen grab taken from corporate communications video production

We believe the central message must be clear and meaningful so that the audience is entertained and interested to the very last frame.

Large group meeting in board room from the video that I was editing at the time.
Beautiful videography of a Cowboy leading a pack horse in Rocky mountains of Southern Alberta.
Wind turbine farm at sunset in our video marketing promo
Mechanical Engineer looking at blueprints at oil refinery

We will produce exactly what you need and want and we won’t quit until you are totally satisfied.

Man editing video marketing production as he monitors 3 computer screens .
Our videographer captures a group of oil workers wearing coveralls as they meet in a field office.
Scientific medical lab instrument used to sample vials captured by our photographer.
2 employees from video marketing production. The woman is looking at the camera and did an "on-camera" delivery endorsing her company.