Creative Director

Stephanie has over 20 years of experience writing, producing and directing television.

Stephanie Morgan-Black has produced and directed commercials, children’s programming, multi-camera specials, documentaries and corporate communications.

She worked for the CTV network for several years before taking on the role of broadcast producer for Canadian Airlines and latterly, Air Canada.

She had the opportunity to travel the world, filming incredible people and locations to produce the award-winning series “Canadian World”.   She was responsible for the creative execution of many national and international advertising campaigns that included radio, television, magazines and the production of multi-ethnic promotional collateral.

In her long association with the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade, Stephanie further developed skills in sales and marketing by working with some most of the most successful business leaders and entrepreneurs in Canada.

With her experience in television, advertising, sales and marketing, Stephanie is uniquely qualified to help companies grow their brand, market their product and produce world class videos and media communications.  She has been the recipient of many ITVA awards, TVB awards, Can Pro’s and Gemini Awards for excellence in television production.

Stephanie Morgan-Black